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Elevate Your Sales Strategy with VTurb's Edit Tab

Elevate Your Sales Strategy with VTurb's Edit Tab

Dive into the Edit Tab!

Remember, if you're looking to deep dive into this topic, there's the "Optimizing Your Sales Video" mini-course, taught by João Campos. To hop in, just head to the Help section in your dashboard and click on "Scaling Secrets!"

The moment you step into the Edit tab, you're opening the door to a universe of customization possibilities for your video, aiming for peak performance. Everything's neatly sorted into categories to make your journey smooth and intuitive.

Check out the categories:

Style: Infuse your video with pizzazz, making sure it resonates with your audience.

ThumbSniper™: Hook viewers in a jiffy with catchy thumbnails designed for that all-important click.

Smart AutoPlay: Get the ball rolling automatically and make sure viewers are all ears right from the get-go.

Hook™: Grip your audience's attention with cliffhangers that'll have them glued to the screen.

Mini-Hooks™: Keep them on their toes with strategic highlights, sparking curiosity all the way.

Smart Progress: Craft a tailored experience with a progress bar that vibes with viewer behavior.

Turbo: Fast-track your message with a pace that keeps viewers captivated.

Action Buttons: Steer viewer action with buttons that truly matter.

Pixels: Mesh your analytics and tracking tools to harvest valuable insights.

Keep Watching: Let viewers jump back in right where they left off.

If you're keen on diving into our edit suggestions crafted to boost your conversion rates, give this a click! 😊

For a deep dive into each item, hit the links below:



Smart Autoplay



Smart Progress


Action Buttons


Keep Watching

Got questions or need some guidance on the video tailoring journey? Our squad's got your back!

Updated on: 02/02/2024

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