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How to Use Turbo to Enhance Your Sales Video

How to Use Turbo to Supercharge Your Sales Video

What's Turbo, and How Does It Work?

Turbo is our speed booster. You can utilize it in two ways:

Turbo is like a speed booster for your videos. You can use it in two ways:

1. Standard Speed:

Here, you can pick the speed you want for your video (like 1.1x or 1.2x), and that's the speed your viewers will see. The max speed is 1.5x.

2. Automatic Speed Test:

The Automatic Speed Test is all about trying out different speeds and automatically choosing the one that works best for you (the one that keeps more people engaged until the end!). The test always begins at 1x speed, and you can select the final speed, say from 1x to 1.2x.

It's like an A/B speed test, trying out all the speeds within the range you've chosen and automatically selecting the one that converts the best!

Setting Up Your Turbo

To choose a standard speed, just select the one you like under "Speed":

Then, hit 'Save,' and you're good to go with Turbo!

To start the Speed Test, tick the box shown in the image below and choose the speed you want to test (remember, it always begins at 1x speed):

Once that's done, click "Start Test" to get going.

Test Progress:

When you begin a new test, you'll see a message telling you that the test is running. We'll update the data every couple of minutes.

Video Info Tab:

Now, there's a new feature. Right below your video, you'll find a tab with this info:

Speed: This shows the speed you've chosen for your video.
Unique Views: This section tells you how many individual views you've got.
Engagement: It gives you details about how engaging your video is.

You can also arrange and hide columns any way you like.

Ending the Test

We recommend waiting until VTurb figures out the best speed, because the more clicks and plays you get, the better.

Once the test has enough data to be statistically relevant, VTurb will wrap it up automatically and show you a message telling you how it improved compared to 1x speed.

P.S: If 1x speed turns out to be the winner, you'll see a different message than what was shown before.

No worries: Turbo won't change how other features work!

You don't have to stress about the timing of your Thumbnail, Mini-Hooks, or VTurb Action Button, for instance. Just set them up based on your video's original timing, and we'll make sure everything syncs perfectly with the speed you chose in Turbo.

And if you're using a custom button on your page, make sure to adjust the timing to match the speed you picked with Turbo.

💡Important: You don't need to mess with your video's code on your page when making changes in the VTurb panel. Just refresh your page, and maybe clear the cache if needed, to see the video with the new edits!

If you have any questions, feel free to chat with us!

Updated on: 02/01/2024

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