Make Your Videos Pop with the Style Section

💡 Want to access the "Style" section? It's a breeze! Just click on the video you're looking to jazz up and then hit "Edit." Once you're in the editing menu, find the "Style" tab. Voila! Now you're set to tweak your video's settings to your heart's content.

Within "Style", you call the shots on how folks will see your video once they land on your page. Here's a buffet of choices laid out for you:

Big Play Button
Opting for this? Your viewers can pause the video with a big button right in the center. A heads-up, though: if you've got your Smart Autoplay on, you might want to skip this one.

Small Play Button
It also gives a pause option, but it's more of a quiet character, chilling in the bottom left corner.

Progress Bar
Turn it on, and it showcases the video's original timeline. But if you've got the Smart Progress feature going, maybe give this a pass to avoid having dueling timelines in your VSL.

Video Timer
Want to show off the video's total runtime? Switch this on, and it'll hang out on the left.

Rewind 10 Secs / Fast Forward 10 Secs
Give your viewers some time-travel power. With this, they can jump back or zoom ahead by 10 seconds in the video.

Crank it up or tone it down? This lets your audience adjust the video's volume as they watch.

For those wanting the full cinematic experience, this turns your video into a big-screen wonder.

Speed Control
If your viewers are in a hurry or want to savor the details, this lets them speed up or slow down the playback between 0.5x and 2x the original speed.

And, because we love going the extra mile, here are some bonus tips to style your videos and amp up those conversions. Make the most of them!

💡 Quick note: No need to play with the video code on your site after making tweaks in the VTurb dashboard. Just hit refresh, maybe clear the cache if needed, and your video will strut its new style!

Updated on: 10/17/2023

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