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How to Use "Resume Watching" to Supercharge Your Sales Video

How to Use Keep Watching to Supercharge Your Sales Video

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The Keep Watching feature allows your leads the convenience of picking up where they left off in your video if they happen to leave your page for any reason. This prevents viewers from having to start over, reducing the likelihood of them abandoning your entire VSL.

Upon returning to your page, they'll encounter the following message: "You've already started watching this video." Below the message, they'll find two buttons: "Keep Watching" and "Start from the Beginning," giving users the flexibility to resume where they left off or restart the video.

If desired, you can customize the text of the message, the labels for the "Continue" and "Restart" buttons on the right side. You can also modify the background color and adjust the opacity.

💡Important Note: You don't need to tinker with your video code on the page when making edits in the VTurb panel. Simply refresh your page, and if necessary, clear your cache to view the video with the new edits!

Updated on: 02/02/2024

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