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Using Action Buttons to Boost Your Sales Video

Using Action Buttons to Boost Your Sales Video

💡Remember, you can further enhance your knowledge on this topic with the Mini-Course "Optimizing Your Sales Video" by João Campos. Just head over to the Help section in your dashboard and click on "Secrets of Scaling!”

Boost conversions by adding buttons in your dashboard that link right to the checkout! With VTurb's button feature, you get to sync the exact moment the button appears with your sales pitch. This ensures customers only see your offer after they've watched the video up to your specified pitch point. Whether they pause, exit and return, or take their time hitting play, that button's debut is set in stone right at your pitch moment.

When you opt to add a new button, you've got three choices: below the video, inside the video, and custom HTML.

Below the Video: You can only go with this option if you've embedded using the JS code. If it's an Iframe embed, the button won't show up below the video.

If you're using the Iframe code, your best bet is the inside-the-video button option.

For the Custom HTML option, you can craft a button using pure HTML, tailoring it to your preference.

Tracking VTurb's Action Button – How's It Done?

To track sales, you'd need to forward a parameter to your checkout that identifies which button led to the sale. This parameter must be compatible with your checkout platform.

For the sake of this guide, let's use the parameter utm_content. Just insert the respective parameter in the video button.

For instance, your link might look like:

Set up your VTurb button and watch your conversions soar! 😀

💡Important: No need to dive into your video's page code when making tweaks in the VTurb panel. A simple page reload should suffice. And, if need be, clear the cache to see the video with the latest edits!

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Updated on: 10/17/2023

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