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How to embed the video on my website?

How to Embed the Video on Your Website?

Want to grab your video's code and pop it onto your webpage? It's a cinch! Head on over to "My Videos", click on the three dots next to your video, and choose "Embed":

Next up, you'll see this little box. The pre-selected code is the JS - that's the one we always give a thumbs up to! Just hit the copy icon in the top-right corner:

That snazzy JS embed code is now on your clipboard, all set for use!

Pro Tip: Fancy setting your video width straight from your page builder? No sweat. But if you need a hand, we've got a neat code for ya...

You'll want to drop your video's embed where you see "EMBED" and tweak the 500px to the max width you're aiming for (we'd say sticking to 500px is pretty slick):

<div style="max-width: 500px; margin:0 auto"> EMBED </div>

Remember to toss in your domain(s) under the Security tab. It's all about giving your VSLs that extra layer of armor.

Down below, you'll find articles diving into the most-loved page builders around these parts. And while you're at it, get the lowdown on the difference between JS Code and Iframe!

Updated on: 10/18/2023

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