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Using ThumbSniper™ to Boost Your Sales Video

Using ThumbSniper™ to Boost Your Sales Video

And hey, don't forget: you can dive even deeper into this topic with the Mini-Course "Optimizing Your Sales Video" by João Campos. Just head to the Help section in your dashboard and click on Secrets of Scaling!

We recommend dimensions of 1280 x 720, but it's worth playing around to see what fits best for you.

With ThumbSniper™, you've got three slick moves:

Set a thumbnail to show when your video loads (only kicks in if Smart Autoplay is off).
Flash a specific thumbnail based on when the video's paused (like showing Thumbnail 1 if paused early, and Thumbnail 2 if paused later).
Choose a thumbnail to pop up when your video wraps up.

The game-changer with ThumbSniper™? Definitely setting those pause-specific thumbnails for your VSL. That's why in this guide, you'll get the rundown on two types: Retention Thumbnails and Recovery Thumbnails.

In this guide, we'll cover:

Setting up ThumbSniper™
Crafting a Retention Thumbnail
Making a Recovery Thumbnail

Alright, here's how to set up ThumbSniper™:

Setting up ThumbSniper™

Pick the video you wanna jazz up with ThumbSniper™.

On the left, hit the Edit tab and then dive into ThumbSniper™.

Click that blue "Add ThumbSniper™" button.

Upload the image you've got in mind.

Name your thumb, set when it should show up and vanish, then save your edits.

Quick tip: Don't fuss with your video's code on your site when tweaking things in the VTurb dashboard. Just refresh your page and maybe clear the cache to see the shiny new changes!

And more... For the Retention Thumbnail, make a thumbnail that nudges viewers to keep watching your VSL. Pop it in right from the start, up to your sales pitch.

For the Recovery Thumbnail, design a thumbnail nudging customers to snag your product at a discount. Make sure it only shows up AFTER THE SALES PITCH in your VSL!

Can you activate the "Add Button" option and throw in a discount checkout button!

Remember to keep tabs on the sales from the Recovery Thumbnail to make sure it's doing its magic!

Updated on: 10/17/2023

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