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Using Smart Progress Bar to Enhance Your Sales Video

Using Smart Progress Bar to Enhance Your Sales Video

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The Smart Progress Bar is crafted to increase retention and conversions for your video as you channel traffic to it.

What Smart Progress does is it provides viewers with a comfortable viewing experience. It gauges the "perfect" video duration and adapts the progress bar to match this timing.

Here’s the drill: Once it gathers retention data from your video, the Progress Bar pinpoints where viewers typically lose interest. It then tweaks its speed and depth at those segments to keep the viewers hooked. Essentially, VTurb customizes a distinct progress bar tailored for your video, your niche, and your source of traffic.

By enabling the VTurb Network feature, your Progress Bar is benchmarked against others, incorporating insights from a wide range of advertisers. This way, you benefit from the collective intelligence across the whole VTurb advertising community.

The "Depth" feature allows you to choose the thickness of your Smart Progress Bar: the higher the value, the thicker it appears.

Now, let’s explore the individual settings within Smart Progress:

Test Variables: VTurb will play around with different parameters of your Smart Progress Bar to ensure you get optimal conversions.

Depth: This setting allows the bar's thickness to be adjusted. A more prominent bar might resonate better with older viewers or those on mobile devices. Moreover, you can set it to vanish mid-video, ensuring full attention remains on your sales content.

Completion: The Smart Progress Bar can conclude before the video's actual end. This is particularly handy for longer videos, where the pace might seem sluggish. By wrapping up earlier, all focus remains on the sales pitch.

By activating the VTurb Network and the variable tests, your progress bar continually self-optimizes, resulting in ever-improving conversion rates.

To utilize Smart Progress, turn off the "Progress Bar" option under Styles and activate Smart Progress in your dashboard.

💡Note: There's no need to alter the video embed on your page when making changes in the VTurb dashboard. Just refresh your page, and maybe clear the cache, to check out your video with the newest tweaks!

Updated on: 10/19/2023

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