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Using Smart Progress Bar to Enhance Your Sales Video

Using Smart Progress Bar to Enhance Your Sales Video

The Smart Progress Bar is a tool that boosts viewer engagement and conversion rates for your video as you drive traffic to it.

Smart Progress makes it easier for viewers to watch by identifying the best length for your video and adjusting the progress bar accordingly.

Here's how it works: After analyzing your video's retention data, the bar adjusts its speed to keep viewers engaged where you typically lose them the most. VTurb tailors a specific time bar for your video, specific to your niche and traffic source.

You can even choose a specific color or use the same as the Big Play Button!

In the Height setting, you determine the thickness of your Smart Progress Bar: the higher, the thicker.

To use Smart Progress, turn off the "Progress Bar" option in the Style menu and turn on Smart Progress in your dashboard.

Important: You don't need to mess with your video's code on your page when you edit it in the VTurb dashboard. Just refresh your page and, if necessary, clear the cache to see the video with the new edits!

Updated on: 04/02/2024

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