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Using Smart Autoplay™ to Boost Your Sales Video!

Using Smart Autoplay™ to Boost Your Sales Video!

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With VTurb's Autoplay, your video starts playing on its own, grabbing more viewers' attention! If your browser blocks Autoplay, no worries, VTurb starts the video silently and shows a message to encourage users to click.

Plus, you can pick which part of your video will show in the Autoplay background!

This ensures more and more people will hit play on your video!

Now that you get how Autoplay works, let's learn how to set it up. Ready? 🚀

Setting Up Autoplay Easily

Step 1: Choose Your Style

Pick a ready-made template or get creative with the "Custom" option. Most use the same layout, but we recommend something unique! Upload images and GIFs for that personal touch.

Tip: Try syncing Autoplay text with your VSL lead to make a bigger impact.

We suggest a size of 1280 x 720, but feel free to adjust based on your page.

Step 2: Place Your Autoplay

Easily position your layout exactly the way you like with a simple drag and drop. Stretch it, shrink it, give it a spin—totally up to you!

Step 3: Color and Transparency Adjustment

Add a magical touch to your Autoplay! Adjust the color and transparency to match your style, making the Autoplay color lighter or darker for a seamless fit with your page's look.

Changing text color

To change text color in Autoplay, pick a template in the panel and click on ''Text Color''.

Simply choose the color you want for your text. If you want to adjust transparency, click on the marker indicated by the red arrow, like in the image below:

Changing background color

To change the Autoplay background color, click on ''Background Color''.

Choose the color you want for the background. To adjust transparency, click on the arrow, as shown below:

IMPORTANT: Make sure the color contrast and transparency allow easy reading, as shown below:

Background video: customize your display!

Pick which part of your video shows in Autoplay! Choose the time for captivating scenes, as this directly affects your Play Rate.

To do this, drag the markers in "Background Video" to choose the part you want as the background and click save at the top of the screen:

Using a different background video

Now, you can choose a different background video. Check the option ''Use another background video'' just below ''Background Video'', and choose a video from your panel.

By checking "Use another background video," a window will open, showing all available videos. Pick the desired video and adjust the markers to set the specific time you want as the background of your video.

After that, click "Save" at the top of the screen and see the boost in your conversion rate! 🎬✨

Important: Automatic Video Control!

If you're using a pre-sales page to guide your audience to the page with your VSL, your video might start playing automatically, even before clicking play!

This happens because most browsers block autoplay, needing user "interaction" to start playing the video. Upon entering the redirection page leading to the video page, the browser gets the necessary interaction, making the video start automatically.

To avoid this, one solution is to use different domains on the two pages!

Attention: You don't need to mess with the video code on your page when making edits in the VTurb panel. Just reload your page and, if needed, clear the cache to see the video with the new edits!

We're here in the chat for any questions you might have! 🚀

Updated on: 02/02/2024

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