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Conversion blueprint: Step up your conversion game!

Conversion blueprint: Step up your conversion game!

Hey there! In this piece, we're handing you some solid starter advice. We've been busy bees here at Vturb, running tests and gathering insights. Based on our findings, we've got some player customization tips that could give your video conversions a nice little bump. But remember, this is friendly advice. All our features are super flexible, so you're free to run your own tests, including A/B showdowns.

Want a deep dive? Don't miss out on João Campos' mini-course titled "Mastering Your Sales Video". Just hit up the Help tab in your dashboard and select Secrets of Scaling. Easy peasy!

Ready to jump in?

When you're sprucing up your player in the Style section:

We'd lean towards turning off the "Large Play Button" and giving a thumbs up to the "Small Play Button". Given that Smart Autoplay is our usual go-to, that big ol' play button isn't needed. However, that small button? Perfect for letting viewers hit pause, and it's prime time to flash your ThumbSniper!

We'd also suggest keeping the "Video Duration", "FullScreen", and "Volume" off the table. Less is more, right? And the standard "Progress Bar"? Why not swap it out for the snazzy Intelligent Progress.

For the "Rewind 10s" and "Fast-Forward 10s" features, they could come in handy for those epic VSLs (think 50 minutes or more). But honestly, in our playbook, they haven't been game-changers, so it's your call.

All set? Don't forget to lock in those changes!

Continuing on the Customization journey...

Smart Autoplay? We say keep it on!

By default, you'll see prompts like "Your video's rolling" and "Click to tune in". They've been champs for us, but if you're feeling creative, go ahead and switch them up. Plus, you can play around with text and background colors or go with a custom look.

Opting out of "Smart Autoplay™"? Consider kicking things off with a ThumbSniper™. You can even pop one in halfway through to keep viewers hooked or even at the tail end of your VSL.

Considering Hooks and Mini-Hooks? They could give your play rate a little pep and keep drop-offs at bay.

The Intelligent Progress option? It's like a stealth mode for video progress. Viewers often dig the feeling of breezy, quick content, so it's been a winner for us.

Switch on Turbo's auto-test mode. It'll juggle different play speeds for your viewers, zeroing in on the sweet spot that gets the best traction.

As for those Action Buttons, you've got the power to sync them perfectly with your video. A tried-and-true strategy we've seen? Slap that button right under the video, especially during the big sales pitch.

For the "Keep Watching" feature: It's like a bookmark for viewers, letting them jump back in right where they left off. We're fans of turning this on; nobody likes a rerun!

To wrap it up, try to keep your action button vibing with the VSL. If you're rolling with Vturb's button, we've got you covered. If not, there's a killer guide on syncing up your page elements with the VSL waiting for you.

And there you have it! Your player's looking sharp. We're crossing our fingers that these nuggets of wisdom amp up your game. Stumped or curious about something? Hit up our chat! We're all ears.

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Updated on: 10/17/2023

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