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How to Utilize A/B Testing to Boost Your Sales Video

How to Utilize A/B Testing to Boost Your Sales Video

In this guide, we'll cover:

Understanding A/B Testing and How It Works
Setting Up Your A/B Test
Tracking Sales from Your A/B Test

1. What is A/B Testing and How Does it Work?

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With the A/B Testing functionality, you can test the performance of 2 or more VSLs (Video Sales Letters)!

You don't necessarily need 2 different videos - the test can be done with different videos, as well as different settings for the same video!

When you create the A/B test, a single embed code is generated for all the videos you want to test. The VSLs will be shown alternately on your page, and the A/B test will generate individual metrics! This way, you can track the play rate, engagement, and button clicks for each VSL, and ultimately analyze which one is performing better.

2. Setting Up Your Test

Click on the "A/B Test" tab, then hit "New Test," and pick the videos you want to test.

By default, traffic goes evenly to each video, but you can change the percentage if you like. After that, just hit "Create A/B Test."

Once you've done that, copy the test code and paste it into your page builder. You only need one code for all your videos, no matter how many you have.

That's all! Now you can monitor the results of your A/B test, and the data will be displayed on your dashboard.

We'll share the play rate, engagement, and button click metrics with you!

To determine the winner of the test, just adjust the traffic and allocate 100% of it to the chosen video!

3. Measuring Sales from Your A/B Test

To check your sales, you've got two options:

3.1 Using the VTurb Action Button

For sales tracking, include a parameter in your checkout that shows which VSL the sale came from. This parameter needs to work with your checkout platform.

For example, let's say you're using the utm_content parameter. If you're using VTurb action buttons in your videos, just add the right parameter in each video's button. So, in Video A, your link could be, and in Video B, it might be

🚨 Note: If there's already a utm_content parameter in the browser's URL (from ads), it'll be replaced by the parameter you put in the button. Other parameters in the URL stay the same.

3.2 Using HTML Buttons or Buttons Created with Your Page Builder

Now, if you have HTML buttons or other hidden elements on your page, you'll need a specific script to handle them.

Click this link to find out how to set it up: How to Set Up Delay Script + A/B Test Parameters.

Updated on: 05/15/2024

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