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Tips for Boosting Your Video Engagement!

In our Analytics, we figure out Engagement by looking at the average total engagement of your video: We take the total watch time and divide it by the total number of plays, then multiply that by the video's total duration.

Engagement tells us how interesting your video is to your audience. So, the higher, the better!

All the features used after your viewer hits play on your video affect Engagement!

These are strategic calls you can throw in during your video to keep your audience interested in information that hasn't been revealed yet, for instance.
If we notice points where viewers drop off, it's smart to add mini-hooks to grab your viewer's attention.

It’s crucial that the message fits with your video's content! That's why we also show how to make mini-hooks on Canva!

If someone pauses your video when you're making an offer, that's not good because it could mean losing a sale. At that moment, it's wise to show a Thumbnail that makes your viewer want to keep watching.

We have 2 types of Thumbnails: Retention and Recovery, and they should pop up at different times during your video.

The Retention one can show up when your viewer pauses the video before the pitch. It might be a message that teases something coming up or emphasizes the exclusivity of that content...

And the Recovery one comes after the pitch! Then you can offer a bonus, a discount, or some special benefit that makes them reconsider buying! This way, you'll get back sales that slipped away. In this Thumbnail option, you can also include a Call-to-Action button!

When it comes to video Speed... You can turn on Turbo and Smart Progress.

Turbo lets you speed up your video at different rates (1.1, 1.2... up to 1.5x) and test them all with your own traffic. Each viewer sees a different speed, and VTurb checks which one works best, meaning which speed keeps the audience watching longer.

We find the best speed based on how many people get to the pitch and make it the default! We'll let you know via WhatsApp when this happens!

Smart Progress is a progress bar that makes your video seem shorter than it really is. This boosts conversion because more people end up watching your offer and buying.

These 4 options within VTurb will maximize your video Engagement and, of course, your conversion!

And don't forget some key points in your offer. Otherwise, Engagement could drop a lot...

Matching creativity with video content: Don't promise something in your video that it doesn't deliver.
Choosing the right audience: Know your audience and direct traffic to them!
Quality of your video production (images, audio, subtitles...)
Watch out for different formats for web and mobile: A vertical video for the web might get cut off on your viewer's computer screen.
The first few seconds of your video matter a lot... Try out different micro-leads to find what works best for your audience! Use our A/B Test for that! :)

... And a bunch of other details!

We suggest tuning in to episodes of our podcast, Segredos da Escala, to keep abreast of the latest insights shared by the top players in Digital Marketing in Brazil!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Learn more at: Tips for Boosting Your Video's Play Rate!

Updated on: 05/03/2024

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