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Tips for Boosting Your Video's Play Rate!

In our Analytics, we figure out the Play Rate by looking at the percentage of unique plays compared to the number of unique views of your video.

Play Rate, therefore, shows us the connection between people who visited your page and those who clicked play on your video: The higher, the better!

All the features that show up on your page before your viewer hits play on the video will impact your Play Rate!

The headline - or "title" of the video - should be attention-grabbing, inviting the viewer to hit play on your video.

In VTurb, you can try out different Hooks and see which one caught your audience's attention the most! Then, we'll have a winning hook that will be shown to all viewers. We pick the winner based on how many people make it to your sales pitch!

You can also add a second hook directly in your page builder, if you want. Just make sure not to clutter the page too much!

Smart Autoplay
Having an appealing layout for your autoplay, grabbing attention and encouraging your viewer to watch the content, is one of the top tips for a good Play Rate.

The feeling of urgency when they know "the video has already started," for instance, encourages more people to click to watch!

You can use ready-made templates from the VTurb dashboard or, if you prefer, create one that's unique to you!

We've also created some other templates for you to use or get inspired by! Click here to download.

Additionally, you can choose an attractive background video for the AutoPlay! It can be a clip from your own video or, if you prefer, another video!

In addition to these 3 tips on VTurb functionalities to maximize your Play Rate, it's important to take care of some details...

Your page should be consistent. You can choose to keep it with just the VSL (Video Sales Letter) or include more information, but all elements should lead the viewer to watch your offer!
Pay attention to the consistency between the ad and the landing page... They need to have the same language and topic. The page should meet your viewer's expectations when they click on the ad.
Invest in high-quality images, colors, fonts, and writing.
Be mindful of different formats for web and mobile: A vertical video for the web, for example, might get cut off on your viewer's computer screen.
Testimonials: These are important for validation and social proof. If you prefer, they can also appear after the sales pitch.
Use the delay code to hide elements on your page and focus attention entirely on the VSL: Click here to learn how!

... And various other details!

We suggest tuning in to episodes of our podcast, Segredos da Escala, to keep abreast of the latest insights shared by the top players in Digital Marketing in Brazil!

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Updated on: 05/03/2024

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