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VTurb is making my page load slowly! What should I do?

VTurb is making my page load slowly! What should I do?

💡 While Iframes may have a higher score in website speed tests, JavaScript code loads faster!

VTurb has a visible loading process. The video may appear blurred for an average of 2.4 seconds. This loading behavior is normal for all VTurb videos!

If you use GTmetrix to measure your page's speed, you can rely on the "Onload Time" because that's when your page has fully loaded, and the video will appear. Anything that happens after that is happening in the background and is a normal behavior for Smart AutoPlay, but it doesn't negatively impact your viewers.

What happens is that websites like "GT Metrix" or "Google Page Speed" and similar tools don't understand what AutoPlay is. Therefore, they think the page hasn't loaded yet because the AutoPlay video, playing in the background, is still loading.

So, the measurement is inaccurate; the player loaded much earlier. However, GT Metrix can't measure it.

To see the actual loading speed with AutoPlay, focus on the "Onload Time," as shown in the screenshot below:

Want to run a clean test? Disable your Smart AutoPlay!

Smart AutoPlay has a different loading mechanism that speed measurement tools don't understand. To conduct a clean test, you can disable the Smart AutoPlay™ option in your Dashboard. This way, you'll get accurate data about your video's loading performance on your page.

If you're using WordPress plugins, the following topic may help you resolve any interference they might have with your video!

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Updated on: 10/18/2023

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