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Upload Didn't Hit 100%! What's Next?

Upload Didn't Hit 100%! What's Next?

Sometimes, uploads can get a bit tricky. Let's break down the usual suspects:

- Video Size
- Unsteady Internet Connection
- Encoding Error
- Corrupted Video

Video Size

Trying to upload a hefty video (around 2GB or larger)? Compression issues might arise, hindering the upload process.

How to fix?

The quickest fix is to refresh your dashboard and attempt the upload again. If you're still hitting a wall, give us a shout in the chat for assistance!

Unsteady Internet Connection

We get it; sometimes, internet signals waver, making it near impossible to upload (or download) videos.

How to fix?

If you suspect this might be the issue, reach out to our support team. We can handle the video upload for you.

Encoding Error

This issue pops up when the upload seems to be stuck in an eternal "processing" state, just like in the image below:

How to fix?

- First, delete the troublesome video.
- Clear your browser's cache (on Windows, try Ctrl + F5; on Mac, Command-F5 should do the trick).
- Give the video upload another shot!

Corrupted Video

If your video is perpetually "processing" and you've ruled out an encoding error, there's a solid chance your video file is corrupted.

How to fix?

A quick test: try playing the video directly from your computer files. If the video's indeed corrupted, it won't play anywhere. The only way out is to re-convert your video using your video editor.

If you've run through all these checks and you're still stuck, don't hesitate to ping us in the chat! We're here to help.

Updated on: 10/17/2023

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