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My Videos

My Videos

On this screen, you'll have access to every video you've uploaded to your platform! You can search for them by Name or Tags and sort by Creation Date or Name. Plus, if you're feeling organized, you can create folders to group them by themes — just click on "New Folder."

If you've got a specific video in mind, click on it, and you'll be ushered into a robust editing menu on the left. This setup lets you make on-the-fly tweaks, so you can instantly see changes on your player as you edit. Dive deeper into this by checking out the Exploring the Edit Tab!

Plus, you can also dig into your VSL's performance metrics via the Analytics feature and even run some A/B tests.

Need to embed your video on your webpage? Just hit the "Embed" button, right on this screen. If you're wondering how to integrate it, check out "How to embed VTurb in my page builder?"

Oh, and if you ever need to, you can download or remove your video anytime.

Remember to add your domain(s) in the Security tab — it's that extra layer of protection for your VSLs.

Updated on: 10/17/2023

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