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My video isn't displaying

My video isn't displaying

There are a few typical reasons why this might happen:

Did you forget to add or update the domain?

Make sure you've entered the domain correctly under the Security tab. Need help with that? Here's how to do it. And if everything looks right, don't forget to edit and save the changes to your video.

Heads up! Don't include "www" when adding your domain, like in the example below:

Using WordPress (Elementor) with the WP Rocket plugin?

The WP Rocket might interfere with our player as it directly influences any Javascript (JS) on your site. Here are a couple of things you can try:

First off, it'd be a good idea to turn off the "Combine JavaScript files" and "Delay JavaScript execution" options in WP Rocket’s "Optimize Files" section.

💡 Still having trouble? If you're using the JS player, consider switching to an Iframe embed code.

Issues with the Litespeed plugin?

Apart from WP Rocket, the Litespeed plugin might mess with our player if you're running it on JS. Here's what you can do:

Best bet? Turn off these settings: JS Minify, JS Combine, and Load JS Deferred. Check out the step-by-step in the image below:

💡No luck with the initial solution? As a fallback, you might want to try the Iframe embed code if you're sticking with the JS player.

By following these tweaks, your video should be up and running on your site in no time! 🙂

Want to dive deeper? Check out:

The nitty-gritty of Iframe vs. JS code
How to integrate with Elementor.

Updated on: 10/18/2023

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