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My Button Isn't Showing Up

My Button Isn't Showing Up

If you've enabled VTurb's Action Button and, after your video's curtain call, it's playing hide and seek, a few things might have thrown it off its game:

- You didn't set up the action button.
- You forgot to save your changes.
- Your button's delay is set differently.

Let's break it down:

You Didn't Set Up the Action Button

It's possible that you activated the action button, like in the screenshot below:

But just toggling that on won't cut it. The button won't pop up on your page unless you've actually added the button.

Clicking on the "Action Buttons" in your video customization will lead you to a new screen with this option:

Hit "Add New Button" to get down to the nitty-gritty of customizing and entering the deets for your button. Once you do, this window pops up:

All set! Tweak as you need, hit save, and your button should grace your page.

You Didn't Save the Changes

Every time you tweak the button, whether it's styling or timing, a "Save" option appears:

All set! Tweak as you need, hit save, and your button should grace your page.

But clicking that isn't your endgame. To truly update your page, after hitting that "Save", you need to click the broader save option (in the screenshot below):

Doing this refreshes your page with the new button settings! For a test run, we recommend launching your page in your browser's incognito mode.

Your Button's Delay Is Off

If the above isn't the culprit, and your updates are appearing smoothly, it might be time to eye the delay time you've set for the action button.

In this example, the button's "Start" is set at 00:30, meaning it pops up at the 30-second mark. And the "End" time? That's set at 01:00, making the button vanish a minute into the video:

This means your button will make its entrance at 30 seconds and take its exit at the video's 1-minute mark, way before your sales pitch. So, if your video's pitch happens at 2 minutes, you'd want settings like these:

Setting the "Start" at 02:00 and "End" at Infinite. This ensures your button makes its grand appearance right at the 2-minute pitch mark and, with the "End" at Infinite, it's sticking around after your video wraps up.

All set! With these tweaks, your button should be strutting its stuff on your page! 🙂

Updated on: 01/31/2024

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