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How to Convert Your .MOV Video to .MP4?

How to Convert Your .MOV Video to .MP4?

On Windows:

Navigate to the folder containing your video in File Explorer.

Click on the "View" tab (as shown in the image).

Check the box for "File name extensions."

Right-click on your video, select "Rename," and then change the file's extension from ".MOV" to ".MP4."

On Mac OS:

Select your file and choose File > Get Info. Alternatively, press Command + I.
Click the arrow next to "Name & Extension" to expand that section.
To show or hide the file name extension, check or uncheck the "Hide Extension" box.
Now, simply change the file's extension to ".MP4."

Voila! You're all set to upload your video to VTurb!

Updated on: 10/17/2023

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