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How the Speed Code Works

How the Speed Code Works

If you prefer, you can check out this tutorial in the video:

The speed code preloads certain parts of your player, making it load faster on your webpage and enhancing its performance even further! 🙂

To add it to your webpage, click on the same icon where you get your embed code, enable the speed option, copy the code, and paste it within the head tag of your HTML page. Page builders that allow you to include the speed code include Elementor and Atomicat!

💡Important: The speed code should not be placed within the embed code; it should go in the head section of your HTML.

Please note that the speed code cannot be directly inserted into your site's HTML:

In Elementor - We recommend using the "Head And Footer" plugin to insert the speed code. However, if you already have a plugin that lets you edit your site's head, you can use that as well.
In Atomicat - Navigate to "Settings," and a new page will open. You can insert the speed code in the "Tags and Scripts" section at the top of the <head>.

There you have it! The speed code has been correctly added to your site! 🙂

Updated on: 11/27/2023

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