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Getting to Know the Dashboard!

Getting to Know the Dashboard!

Welcome aboard — this will be your first touchpoint with our platform!
On the "Home" of your dashboard, you'll find our Main Menu on the left. Here's a quick rundown of what awaits:

My Videos: This is where every video you've uploaded will reside! When you click near your video, you'll be ushered into a comprehensive feature editing tab. Here, you can test edits in real-time, seeing changes on your player as you go. Dive deeper with "Exploring the Edit Tab!"

A/B Test: With the A/B Test feature, you can pit two VSLs against each other to see which one's the champ! When you set up an A/B test, a single embed code is created for both videos. These VSLs will alternate on your page. The A/B test will churn out individual metrics, so you can track each VSL's conversion curve. With this data in hand, you can see which one's nailing it! Check out "How to Use the A/B Test?"

Help Center: If you're ever scratching your head about VTurb or your subscription, this is your go-to. Our comprehensive HelpDesk has got your back!

Back to the main view of your dashboard, on the top right, you'll spot:

Upload: Where you'll bring your videos into the fold.

My Profile: A quick peek here will let you see your plan details, usage stats, and your personal and billing info.

Organizing Videos with Folders:

Got a folder set up? Great! You can effortlessly drag and drop your videos between folders. Here's a quick visual demonstration:

Updated on: 10/17/2023

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