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Can I use it on localhost?

Can I use it on localhost?

When you're building a site in HTML, testing is crucial, and you might not always have an active domain to run the player on your site.

VTurb videos operate with codes, specifically JS and Iframe. When you paste one of these into a section of your page's HTML, they should run smoothly, as long as you haven't added domains to your Vturb dashboard.

How do you run videos on localhost?

You'll need to delete any saved domains from the "Security" section within VTurb. Click on "My Profile" in the top right corner, then navigate to "Safety":

This will open the following section in the dashboard:

Ensure there are no domains listed under the "Allowed Domains" section, like in the image below:

Before hitting delete, if you have a long list of active domains, we recommend copying and pasting them all into a notepad. This way, when it's time to re-add them, you won't skip any.

To delete a domain, just click on the "x" next to it and save your changes, as illustrated below:

And that's it! After these steps, your video will be all set to play on localhost! 🙂

Updated on: 10/17/2023

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