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Using VTurb with the New Hotmart Page Editor

Using VTurb with the New Hotmart Page Editor

In this article, we'll walk you through integrating VTurb with the New Hotmart Page Editor, breaking it down in an easy-to-follow step-by-step process.

Let's dive in:

Logging Into VTurb:
- After signing into VTurb, you'll find a dashboard showcasing all of your videos.
- Find the </> icon and click it to grab the JS code.

A Pop-up Box:
- Once you click to copy the code, a pop-up will spring up at the top of your screen.

Choosing the Right Editor in Hotmart:
- Head over to Hotmart's page editor selection. Opt for "New Editor" followed by "Edit."
- If you've previously set up a page using the new editor, just pick it to integrate the VTurb video.

Adding Elements:
- In the editing interface of the new editor, select "Add Structures and Elements."

Selecting the HTML Element:
- A panel will slide out from the side, presenting various elements. Go ahead and pick the HTML element, then drag and drop it to where you want your video to appear on the page.

Diving into the HTML:
- You'll notice an "Edit HTML" prompt on your page. Give it a click.

Embedding the Video Code:
- After selecting "Edit HTML," you'll be greeted with a space to input your code. This is where you'll paste the JS code for your video, the one we copied at the very start. Ensure it goes into the "HTML Code" box.

And voilà! Your video should now be live and streaming smoothly on your site! 🙂

💡A quick heads-up: Remember to register your domain(s) under the Security tab. This extra step boosts the safety net around your VSLs.**

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Updated on: 10/20/2023

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