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Using VTurb with Greatpages

Using VTurb with Greatpages

Hey there! Ready to integrate VTurb with Greatpages? Let's make it happen with this easy-to-follow, detailed guide.

Here we go:

Getting Started with VTurb: After you've logged into VTurb, you'll spot a dashboard filled with all your videos. Look out for the </> symbol. When you see it, click and snag that JS code.

The Friendly Pop-up Alert: Once you've copied the code, a nifty pop-up will make its appearance at the top of your page. Things are moving smoothly!

Navigating Greatpages Editor: On your Greatpages editing page, take a little scroll down until your eyes meet the familiar </> icon. That's the HTML icon, and that's our ticket to embedding your video.

The HTML Box: After clicking the icon, a box will pop up right in the center of your page. Feel free to resize and shift it around. The box should look something like the picture provided.

Let's Dive into the Box: Click inside the box, and you'll notice a set of editing tools. For our purposes, you'll only need the "Edit" button.

Transforming the Box: Upon clicking the "Edit" button, the box turns into a code-inserting haven. This is where you'll paste the embed JS code for your video.

Pasting the Magic: Once the JS embed code finds its new home, press the "Done" (or similar) button that should appear below the code.

Preview First, Always: One tiny thing to note, your video won't play directly in the editing screen. Just hit the "Preview" button located in the top-right corner to see your video in full action.

And there you have it! Your video is now live, adding zest to your site. 🎉

💡Before you head off, remember: Always add your domain(s) under the 'Security' tab. It’s always wise to add that extra layer of protection for your content. Enjoy the dynamic addition to your site!

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Updated on: 10/20/2023

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