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Using VTurb with Atomicat

Using VTurb with Atomicat

Hey there! In this guide, we're diving deep into how you can integrate VTurb with Atomicat. Let's get you set up with a detailed, easy-to-follow step-by-step.

Let's get started:

Starting with VTurb: Once you log into VTurb, you'll be greeted with a dashboard showcasing all your videos. Keep an eye out for this symbol: </>. Click it and snag that JS code.

That Handy Pop-up: After copying the code, a friendly pop-up will surface at the top of your page, just so you know you're on track.

Heading to Your Edit Page: On your page, while in the editing mode, click on "Media" found within the editor. Doing so pops open a section loaded with element options.

Selecting the Video Element: Here's what you do next: click on the "Video" option. This action will embed a video player right onto your page, as depicted below.

Exploring the Sections: Once done with the previous step, it's time to click on "sections". Here, you'll find a rundown of all the elements you've just added.

Spotting Those Little Dots: Find the video element (the one we added a moment ago), and press those 6 little dots on the edge of the element, as illustrated in the following screenshot.

Fine-Tuning the Player: After the previous action, you'll enter the video player's editing mode. You might notice "YouTube" set as the default player option.

Choosing VTurb for Atomicat: Click on where it says "YouTube" (or whichever video player is visible to you). A drop-down will appear; from this, pick VTurb as your integration choice.

Pasting that JS Code: With VTurb selected, paste in that JS embed code we copied earlier into the provided space, and then hit "save changes".

A Little Quirk: After saving, you might notice the video isn't visible on the editing page. No worries.

Going Live: To actually see your video in all its glory, simply click on "Publish", as shown below.

And there you have it! Your video is now live and running seamlessly on your site. 🎉

💡Quick reminder: Add your domain(s) to the 'Security' section. It's always smart to beef up the protection for your content. Enjoy your enhanced site!

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Updated on: 01/31/2024

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