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Using VTurb with Rockfunnels

Using VTurb with Rockfunnels

In this guide, we'll show you how to integrate VTurb with Rockfunnels step-by-step. Keep in mind, Rockfunnels only accepts Iframe code!

Let's dive in:

Logging Into VTurb:
- Once you're in VTurb, you'll see a dashboard featuring all your videos.
- Look for the </> icon and click on it. But remember, you'll need only a specific portion of the Iframe code. Ensure you copy just the highlighted part, as shown in our screenshot.

Prompted with a Pop-up Box:
- After hitting 'Copy the code,' a pop-up will emerge at the top of your screen.

Editing Your Page in Rockfunnels:
- Navigate to your page and switch to "Edit" mode.
- Click on "Add section." Doing so will automatically guide you to the content addition menu. Keep an eye out for the video element and click on it once you find it.

Adjusting the Video Element:
- The video element will now be present on your edit screen. Locate the gear icon associated with the video element and click it, opening up its settings.

Embedding Your Video:
- In the video settings, you'll find an area to embed your video. This is where you'll paste the video link we copied at the start.

And that's it! Your video should now be streaming perfectly on your site! 😊

💡A quick note: Always ensure you add your domain(s) to the Security tab. It's a smart way to amp up protection for your VSLs.

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Updated on: 10/20/2023

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