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Using VTurb with Klickpages

Using VTurb with Klickpages

Hey there! Ready to get VTurb up and running with Klickpages? Let's jump right into this easy and detailed guide.

Step by step:

Starting with VTurb: Once you're logged into VTurb, you'll see a dashboard showcasing all your videos. Now, look for the </> icon and click on it to copy the JS code.

Notification Pop-up: After copying the code, a pop-up will surface at the top of your page, just as expected!

Head Over to Klickpages: On your Klickpages editing page, hit the 'gears' or 'settings' icon (often referred to as 'serrilhado' in Portuguese).

CTA Section: By clicking on that icon, you're immediately taken to the CTA section, where our script will soon be embedded.

The Path to Webinar: Here's where things get a bit specific. Hover your mouse over to the right until you spot the "Webinar" option. It's nestled between other options like 'simple form' and 'two-step pop up'.

Activating the Webinar Option: Once you click on the "Webinar" option, a new section will unfurl. This is where you'll paste the VTurb VSL script!

Embed Time: Take the JS code you earlier copied from VTurb and paste it into the "Webinar Code" box.

Where's the Video?: If your video is playing hide and seek (i.e., not showing up), don't fret! Just hit the "Publish your site" button, as depicted in the image provided.

Grab the URL and Switch Tabs: Now, simply copy the URL, open a fresh browser tab, and voilà! Your video should be there, playing smoothly.

All set! Your video should now be seamlessly integrated into your site. 🎉

💡A quick reminder: Always add your domain(s) under the 'Security' tab. It’s a small step that packs a punch, ensuring added protection for your content. Cheers to your video-enhanced site!

Don't forget to add your domain(s) in the Security tab for extra protection of your VSLs.

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Updated on: 10/20/2023

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