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Using VTurb with Kajabi

Using VTurb with Kajabi

In this guide, we're diving into how to get VTurb working with Kajabi, step by step. Just a heads up: Kajabi only plays nice with Iframe codes!

Let's jump right in:

Logging into VTurb:
- Once you’re in, you’ll be greeted by a dashboard showing all your videos.
- Spot the </> icon? Click it and be sure to copy only a specific part of the Iframe code. Just like the part highlighted in the screenshot below.

Heads Up on the Pop-up:
- After you hit 'Copy the code,' a little pop-up will greet you at the top of your screen.

Editing Time on Kajabi:
- Navigate to your editing page and give the "Add Section" a click.

Spotting the Custom Code:
- As the new section unfolds, scroll down till you hit "Custom Code." Tip: You can speed things up by typing "Custom Code" into the search bar.

Click to Add:
- Tapping on the element? Good. Now, spot the "Add" button? Go ahead and click!

Editing the New Section:
- A blank section will pop up at the bottom. Hover over it and tap "Edit."

Time for the Code:
- Upon clicking "Edit," you’ll be ushered to a space to pop in your VTurb video's JS embed code. Just ensure that you get rid of that placeholder text (<!-- Code Goes Here -->) before you do.

Visual Check:
- Curious about how it looks post-pasting? Here you go:

Voila! Your VTurb Video is Live!:

Little Pro Tips

- Want to supersize your video? Head to the "Width" columns when editing. The more you select, the grander the video gets. Like in this level 6 example:

- Aiming for top placement? Just drag that "custom code" up to the earlier sections. Or keep it prime as the first section. Check it:

💡Final Note: Security’s a big deal. So, don’t skip adding your domain(s) under the Security tab. It’s a shield for your VSLs.

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Updated on: 10/18/2023

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