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Using VTurb with Builderall

Using VTurb with Builderall

Hey there! Ready to integrate VTurb with Builderall? Let's dive right into this step-by-step guide.

Here we go:

Start with VTurb: After logging into VTurb, you'll be greeted with a dashboard showcasing all your videos. Find the </> icon and click it to copy the JS code.

Notification Alert: Post copying the code, a pop-up will make its presence known at the top of your page.

Moving to Builderall: On your Builderall editing page, spot and click on the arrow pointing left (<). This is used to add elements to your page.

Iframe Symbol Time: As you scroll down the sidebar menu, you’ll spot a block with the <> symbol. This is where we'll be embedding the JS.

Engage with the <> Block: Once clicked, a map-like element will emerge. Drag and drop it where you'd like the video to be on your site. If you want it centered, simply pull the block to the middle. (Refer to the images provided for a visual guide.)

Focus on the Dotted Borders: After positioning the element, you'll see a dotted border around an empty space (as shown in the image).

A New Section Pops Up: Having clicked the dotted border in the last step, a new sidebar section should now be in view.

Embedding the HTML: Click on the "Embedded HTML" option. This ensures our code will run without a hitch.

Embed within a Div: Now, before pasting the code into the "Embed Document" box, it needs to be wrapped inside a div. No worries, we've got your back! 😅 Simply replace “your embed JS here” with your copied code:

    your embed JS here

Refer to the provided link for a clearer visual:

Having done that, all you need to do is copy and paste everything into the "Embed Document" box.

And... you're done! Your video should now be playing beautifully on your site. 🎉

💡Just a quick heads up: Always remember to add your domain(s) under the 'Security' tab. It’s a nifty move to ensure extra protection for your content. Enjoy your video-enhanced site!

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Updated on: 10/20/2023

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