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Hey there! The Security tab is your go-to for some extra shield on your VSLs. Just pop in your domains, and then your vids won’t play on any sites not on your approved list.

Quick tip: Make sure you list all your domains. This way, nobody can hijack your videos. If they do, you could end up with a surprise bill from those extra plays on VTurb.

Head to the top right, click on My Profile, and then hit up Security.

Want to add a new domain? Easy. Click "add domain", type it in, and hit save.

Oh, and skip the HTTP or HTTPS part. Not needed.

Got a subdomain like Just use an for the subdomain part. Like this:

One more thing: Swapping or adding domains might take a few. So, give it a minute to update!

Updated on: 10/17/2023

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