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What makes VTurb stand out?

What makes VTurb stand out?

While a lot of platforms out there are all about content, VTurb's game is sales. We're here to make sure your viewers stick around till the end of your video.

And the cool part? No need to tweak your script or dish out more on ads. How's that work? Thanks to some nifty features:

Smart Autoplay™: Lights a fire under your viewers, ramping up their curiosity and bumping those play counts.
Smart Progress Bar: Starts off fast and then takes it easy. It tricks viewers into thinking your video's shorter than it is, so they don't bounce thinking it's a marathon. Plus, it auto-adjusts to keep things smooth for your audience.
Hook 'Em: Drop your video title right in VTurb. You can also let us run tests on different hooks and pick the one that's pulling the best numbers.
Add Recovery Thumbnails after your main message so you don't lose those interested folks.
Slap that Call to Action (CTA) button wherever you feel it vibes best in the video.
Let viewers pick up where they left off.
Dive into play rate and engagement graphs to see how your video's doing.
And hey, there's more you can check out right Here! (link)

Need some pointers? We've got tips galore to supercharge those conversions and help you make more sales with VTurb.

Oh, and safety first! We're serious about keeping your videos secure. Our no-nonsense stance against plagiarism and always on the lookout for sketchy stuff.

Scratching your head? Ping our chat support. We've got your back.

Updated on: 10/17/2023

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